In order to tryout for the boys basketball team at Thomas Worthington High School, all Worthington Schools Final Forms must be completed by both students and parents prior to the first day of tryouts.


To complete the Worthington Final Forms, please follow this link:

*Please note, students wishing to tryout for the boys basketball team at TWHS must be academically eligible on the first day of tryouts in order to participate.  For OHSAA eligibility requirements, please follow this link:


  1. If you are a parent or student and you do not already have a Final Forms account, register for one by following this link:

  2. Print out the OHSAA PPE Physical form from your Final Forms account to have completed by a physician.  For a list of free Ohio Health physical dates and times, please follow this link:

  3. Players and parents, log into Final Forms in order to complete ALL of the necessary forms prior to the first day of tryouts.  Each form requires a parent or student to fill out the form.  Each form also requires a parent electronic signature AND a student electronic signature to complete the form.  A list of the forms that need to be completed can be found below.

    1. Contact Information​

    2. Health History & Medical Profile (Medications, Injuries & Hospitalizations, Past & Ongoing Health Conditions, OHSAA PPE Physician Questions)

    3. Emergency Medical Authorization

    4. Drug, Tobacco, & Alcohol Policy

    5. Consent to Treatment

    6. Sports Medicine Policies

    7. Sport Waivers

    8. Eligibility Requirements Summary

    9. OHSAA Student Athlete Eligibility

    10. OHSAA Preseason Info

    11. Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness

    12. ODH Concussion Info

    13. OHSAA Authorization

    14. OHSA PPE Physical (for Physicians)